Practical guide "Hazard analysis in drinking water installations"

Together with the Bundesindustrieverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung e. V. (BTGA) figawa has published the second edition of the practical guide "Hazard analysis in drinking water installations".

The authors, including experts and members of various standards and guideline committees, have incorporated their profound expert knowledge in the course of the two-year revision process and were thus able to compile a comprehensive and at the same time detailed work in the second edition of the Practice Guide.

The authors show in a practical and understandable way how they deal with the topic "Hazard analysis of drinking water installations" from their point of view. In addition to legal and technical basics, the practical guide is dedicated to the implementation of hazard analysis. The topics of "insurance cover", "operator responsibility" and "drinking water investigations" are also dealt with explicitly.


Section Water - Technical officer
Lars Neveling, M.Sc.

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Practical guide "Hazard analysis in drinking water installations"

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