figawa annual report shows the diversity of the association's work

The figawa annual report, which was published in May 2021 and reports on the last two years, provides an overview of the diverse topics and focal points of work.

The focus is on the strategic developments of the association, which are shaped by the FIGAWA2030 future program. But also the successful work of our member companies in the areas of gas, water and pipelines is presented. 

The main topics are: 

  • Harmonisation of requirements for materials and products that come into contact with drinking water
  • Hydrogen – Fuel for the sustainable energy transition
  • The Biocidal Products Regulation: Requirements for device-based in situ systems
  • Industrial building heating
  • Revision of the EU Construction Products Regulation
  • GasQual: European H-gas properties
  • dena Study “Aufbruch Klimaneutralität” (The Dawn of Climate Neutrality)
  • Smart Meter Gateway in the gas and heating industry
  • Standardisation and regulatory work – Our core competencies
  • Research and studies
  • Trainings and specialist information

figawa's annual report is published every two years.