figawa-tool for halls: Calculation software for hall heating systems


Calculation software for hall heating systems

Price: 89,00 € + 19% VAT

  • Updated and extended special software for the planning of hall buildings
  • System comparison and calculation of hall heating systems
  • Basis: current standard series DIN V 18599-5, EEWärmeG and EnEV 2014 / A revision according to the GEG (enters into force on 1 November 2020), which replaces EnEV, EEWärmeG and EEG, is in preparation.
  • New features for more accurate consulting and calculation
  • Enter your own location profiles - important for foreign consulting!
  • New optimisation options for building services and heating technology
  • Application advantage in planning through preselection of building data
  • Extensive help texts
  • Ideal Excel tool for engineers and specialist planners

Additional important information

figawa-tool for halls 2015


The figawa-tool for halls offers two convenient applications: the calculation and selection of a hall heating system and the calculation of the energy certificate exclusively for hall buildings.

The figawa-tool 2015 enables the energy system comparison of decentralised (warm air heaters, light and dark radiators) and central heating technology with the reference building.

Since its introduction in 2010, its user-friendliness has proved its worth in the marketplace among architects, engineers and planners and has been further developed since then.

The version 2015 takes into account the requirements of the DIN V 18599-5 series of standards revised in 2011 as well as the EEWärmeG and the EnEV 2014 Energy Saving Ordinance.

Version 2015 is based on an Excel tool and therefore makes no special demands on hardware or operating systems.

The menu navigation is simple and largely self-explanatory and is strictly based on the working methods of the heating engineer and the specialist planner. A new feature is the tool's increased degree of convenience for the user, especially the detailed help texts in the respective calculation sheet.

By focusing on hall buildings with their special features, the program allows a particularly fast calculation with correct and comprehensible results.

For the first time, the input of one's own profiles makes even more precise advice possible, as the individual location can be specified, e.g. for international consultation!

Particularly advantageous is the use for optimization tasks of the building envelope and heating technology as well as now additionally the lighting (artificial and daylight) in the planning phase.

The pre-selection of structural data offers an enormous application advantage in that, for example, if a U-value changes, the entire calculation is automatically carried out immediately up to the final result.

The figawa-tool has been recommended by ASUE and DIN!

Terms of Use - Nominal charge

figawa-hallen-tool 2015 and complementary software component add-on

"Energy certificate for hall buildings according to DIN V 18599-5" (Version 1.0)

Component add-on for calculation of heating load according to DIN EN 12831

Licensor "figawa Service GmbH"

Nominal charges: Hall tool € 89.00 and component add-on protective fee € 380.00 plus statutory VAT.

System requirements: Installed Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel.
Language: GERMAN

  1. With payment of the nominal fee of € 89.00 and/or € 380.00 plus VAT you will receive the figawa Software Tools as Excel files. Only a German version is available.
  2. According to § 521 BGB (German Civil Code), figawa Service GmbH is only liable for intent and gross negligence; for defects of quality and title in the software, figawa Service GmbH is only liable in the event of fraudulent concealment of an error according to § 524 paragraph 1 BGB (German Civil Code).
  3. The calculations are based on the principles of DIN V 18599, Edition 2011. Great care has been taken to ensure correct compliance with the standard and this has been confirmed by ITG Dresden. Nevertheless, figawa Service GmbH only assumes liability and warranty in accordance with point 2.
  4. The calculations must therefore be checked for completeness and correctness by the performer, engineer or installer before use.
  5. The copyright lies with figawa Service GmbH and the creator of the software. Changes to the design and the program code are expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted as soon as they become known.
  6. With the registration you give us the permission to inform you about useful instructions and future extensions for the use of the figawa-hallen-tool 2015.

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