Together, we will shape the regulatory framework for our future investments!

We - the community of member companies - are the figawa! We take our social responsibility seriously by actively helping to shape technical law - laws, regulations and guidelines - and their implementation in standards and normative documents.

And we do this by combining the technical interests of our members and promoting uniform and demanding standardisation - both national and European.

We have a clear and guiding vision to establish figawa throughout Europe as the technical-scientific association of manufacturers and service providers of gas and water applications. All this is laid down in our Future Program FIGAWA 2030.

Our Vision

→ Achieving harmonised technical requirements in our markets!

For us this means:

  1. We push for standardization at a high quality and protection level.
  2. We aim to to design rules and standards as well as the regulatory framework in Europe.
  3. We are setting and leading core topics.
  4. We are actively involved in product, system, and service standardization on an international, European, and national level.

Our Core Values

→ We are credible, cooperative, and goal-oriented in our actions

  1. As a technical-scientifc association we stand for highest competence. We always act with commitment and reliability. Shaped by this identity, we are a reliable partner in political debates and standardization processes.
  2. We mediate, connect, and build bridges between various actors in our industries and beyond. This way, we facilitate cooperation, especially in shaping uniform standard.
  3. We assume social responsibility, through active participation in shaping technical law – laws, regulations, and directives – and their implementation in standards and norms.
  4. We always pursue result-oriented, sustainable and, above all, coordinated goals – effective, practical, and fact-based.

Our Mission

→ We bundle and represent the technical interests of manufacturers and service providers for gas and water applications.. 

→ We represent the interests of our members in the area of conflict between society, politics and enterprises. 

→ We promote  uniform and rigorous standardization.

→ We contribute to the legal certainty of the market players through our work.

→ We are involved in competitive standardisation and rule-making procedures that form the basis for approval, testing and certification. 

→ We create a superior knowledge base and orientation by monitoring regulatory and technical developments.

→ We transport and simplify complex issues via transparent processes.

→ We are an active partner of regulatory and research institutions. 

→ We create platforms to articulate, bundle and balance diverse interests.

Core business

As a technical-scientific association, figawa has the following core areas of expertise:

  • Identifying industry trends
  • Shaping technical law
  • Developing standardisation
  • Shaping conformity assessment procedures
  • Organisation of professional development and training
  • Acquisition and processing of information from science, technology and industry

Learn more about what we do and our specific topics.


For our members, we provide the following services:

  • Access to technical regulation
  • Clarification of technical and legal questions and development of practical guidelines
  • Information on sector-relevant developments
  • Initiation and monitoring of scientific studies
  • Professional education and training


Our members are experts in all areas of the gas and water industry process chains:

  • Component manufacturers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Well constructors
  • Plant manufacturer
  • Plant designers
  • Service providers
  • Laboratory service providers

List of our member companies and associations

Membership in other Associations & Organisations

Being an active networker, figawa is a member of industry-relevant associations and initiatives. There we use synergies and represent the interests of our members.

Our network in standardisation & technical regulations

Figawa has a broad network in Germany and throughout Europe. We have contacts to regulators, authorities, certifying bodies, institutes and other players from politics, society and industry.

Technical and scientific subjects of the members can be discussed within the framework of the network and can be further developed and anchored in standardization with high technical standards.

Figawa is actively involved in the development of technical rules and is represented in the following committees:


•    ISO/TC 161 - Controls and protective devices for gas and/or oil


•    NBGA-open (Notified Bodies group Gas Appliances - Open)


•    CEN/TC 47 - Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing
•    CEN/TC 58 - Safety and control devices for gas burners and gas-burning appliances
•    CEN/TC 92 - Water meters
•    CEN/TC 164 - Water supply
•    CEN/TC 176 - Thermal energy meters
•    CEN/TC 180 - Decentralized gas heating
•    CEN/TC 234 - Gas infrastructure
•    CEN/TC 235 - Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution
•    CEN/TC 237 - Gas meters
•    CEN/TC 294 - Communication systems for meters
•    CEN/TC 451 - Water wells and borehole heat exchangers
•    SFG Infrastructure
•    SFG Utilisation


•    Working groups of the German Environment Agency
•    Working group of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

DIN (German Institute for Standardisation)

•    NABau - DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering
•    NAGas - DIN Standards Committee Gas Technology
•    NAW - DIN Standards Committee Water Practice
•    NHRS - DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology and their Safety
•    VF-NHRS - Verein zur Förderung des NHRS


•    Research advisory board
•    Steering Committees Gas and Water
•    Technical Committees Gas and Water
•    Working Groups Gas and Water


•    Advisory board
•    Supervisory board


•    Technical Committee Sanitary Engineering and Working Groups