Water is used in many different ways. As a food it has to meet other quality requirements than in technical applications such as cooling or process water. The analytical testing of the water in the laboratory and on site is an essential aspect to ensure the perfect quality for the respective use.

For reliable and, in case of doubt, legally compliant analyses, it is essential to know and consistently implement the constantly adapted regulatory and technical requirements and to observe and evaluate trends and developments in order to develop innovative strategies and solutions. The figawa offers a platform for exchange, information and support.


Legionella study

Federal status analysis on the occurrence of Legionella in drinking water installations

Based on the evaluation of results from more than 1.3 million routinely carried out drinking water analyses, new knowledge about the occurrence of Legionella in drinking water installations could be gained.


Trends and challenges for measurement and analysis technology

Manufacturers of measuring and analysis equipment have formed a permanent working group within figawa on the subject of "Measuring and analysis equipment technology". The aim is to identify future trends and challenges and to develop possible strategies for meeting them in the regulatory and normative environment. 

A first main topic: the area of drinking water installation. On the basis of easily determined parameters such as turbidity, temperature and conductivity, conclusions are to be drawn on drinking water quality and, if necessary, remedial measures identified.

Further information can be found in the WG Analytical and Measuring Instruments.