How to become a member

The membership of figawa can be obtained by companies and associations whose members are companies in the same sense, if they are manufacturers or service providers for gas and water applications.

figawa-Articles of Association, as of May 11, 2023

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figawa-Membership Fee Regulation

For questions and further information please contact our member administration.

Membership fee calculator

With our comfortable calculator you can easily calculate the fee for your figawa membership. Simply fill in the "Turnover" field. The group and fee amount are calculated automatically.

The basis for determining the annual membership fee to be paid is the turnover of the member company with domestic and foreign customers invoiced in Germany - or in the country in which the member company is based - which was achieved with products and services in the gas and water sector in the previous year.

Only the respective areas of the member companies, which are also managed by figawa in terms of content, are taken as a basis for the fee calculation.

Membership fee calculator 2023

Calculation of the membership fee in accordance with the applicable contribution regulations of 16 October 2018

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Membership fee calculator 2024

Calculation of the fees according to the Membership Fee Regulation applicable from 01.01.2024 as per resolution of the General Assembly of 11 May 2023.

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You are interested in a membership or have questions? Contact our member administration.

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