We are committed to ensuring hygienically safe drinking water quality in the building. The products and services of our members guarantee that the high quality of the drinking water is maintained wihtin the whole drinking water installation.

We achieve this through scientific research, our active standardisation activities and our advisory work in the committees of the German Environment Agency at national and European level.


Attestation of conformity of product hygiene suitability for drinking water

Certification marks of accredited certification bodies

As of 5th August 2022

At the present time, the German Environment Agency does not stipulate any specifications for the certification bodies on the use of a product label for those products that meet the drinking water hygiene requirements in the form of a uniform applicable certification mark. Therefore, the certification bodies have established their own certification marks, which differ significantly in form. Neither for the customers nor for installers is it readily apparent that the subject and the content of the different certification marks are generally comparable with each other.

The certification bodies accredited for the German Environment Agency's recommendation on conformity assessment, including the corresponding certification marks, are listed in an overview provided by figawa.

As of now, the certification body of the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Area HyCert is also accepting certification enquiries again.


Materials and products in contact with drinking water

Evaluation criteria, proof of conformity and expanded transitional arrangements for plastics and other organic materials due to COVID-19

The evaluation criteria (Bewertungsgrundlagen – BWGL) issued by the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA) specify requirements regarding the hygienic suitability of materials and substances coming into contact with drinking water. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the UBA has expanded the transitional arrangements for the required proof of conformity for products in contact with drinking water.

Detailed information is compiled in the following article.

One standard - one test - accepted everywhere in Europe

European harmonisation of materials and products in contact with drinking water

Today almost all products in contact with drinking water are already covered by common European standards (EN). However, the important aspect of hygienic suitability for materials in contact with drinking water and the associated requirements are missing.


Revision of technical rules for planning, construction and operation of drinking water installations

The technical rules for drinking water installations (EN 806 series, DIN 1988 series and EN 1717) have been revised and updated since 2014 with the active participation of industry.

Representatives of figawa are significantly involved. 

Why are the technical rules for the planning, construction and operation of drinking water installations being revised and what are we as an association specifically working on?


Testing & certification of materials and products in contact with drinking water in Germany

Due to the requirements placed on materials, the Drinking Water Ordinance is of particular importance to product manufacturers.

They must ensure that their products do not release any excessive substance concentrations in contact with drinking water when used as intended.