EU Commission publishes Guideline on EU Gas Appliances Regulation

On 20 November 2017, the EU Commission presented the document prepared by the GAD-AC working group consisting of three Designated Bodies and the European associations Afecor and EHI, with questions and answers on the transition of the EU Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC (GAD) to the Gas Appliance Regulation (EU) 2016/426 (GAR).

In this Guidance Document „Questions & Answers on the transition from the Gas Appliances Directive to the Gas Appliances Regulation and on the GAR implementation”, implementation”, the EU Commission has followed the basis developed by the ad-hoc group in many respects and added further clarifications. These clarifications are primarily legal safeguards for the Commission. Therefore, text excerpts of the GAR were partially integrated.

In essence, it should be noted that the essential requirements of the GAR continue to be regarded as minimum requirements to be complied with in order to comply with the law that will come into force on 21 April.

In addition, the Commission underlines the importance of harmonised standards (presumption rule) as well as the possible application of non-harmonised EN standards.

Of paramount importance to the Commission is the implementation of an appropriate risk assessment. The chosen formulations, however, still allow a lean proof/a lean documentation of the risk assessment carried out.

The guidance is a supplement to the document „Regulation (EU) 2016/426 on appliances burning gaseous fuels (GAR) - Guidance on transition relating issues“.


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