Commitment to energy-efficient heating of halls

National political framework

Since 2013, figawa has been working intensively with its members on the political framework conditions for efficient, environmentally friendly heating of indoor buildings with a ceiling height of more than 4 m.

Several research studies on the energy-efficient heating of open-plan buildings have already been carried out over the years and statements on legislative projects such as the Building Energy Act (GEG) have been derived from them or have contributed to the revision of test principles such as those in the ErP Directive.


Manager - Gas sectors
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Harald Petermann

+49 221 270799 10

Success through project-oriented working methods

In particular, the successful work of the figawa “Hall heating” project group is based on proposals based on technical and scientific findings and the continuation of cooperation with strong partners in the fields of research and political communication.

It consists of figawa member companies from the "Warm air heaters" and "Gas infrared radiant heating” working groups.

Over the years, various specialist publications have emerged from these.