Technology for the operation of natural gas filling stations

The investment in natural gas vehicles provides the opportunity to use current vehicle and filling station technology to increase the proportion of renewable gases from power-to-gas plants in fuel in the future.

The figawa Working Group on Natural Gas Filling Stations will focus on the plant technology of natural gas filling stations. The members of the natural gas filling station working group come from all relevant fields such as plant planning, plant construction, safety / control valve manufacturers, compressor manufacturers and measurement technology.


Advancement of the technical rules and regulations for natural gas filling stations

The technical advancement of the natural gas filling station technology is actively pursued. In the future, multi-fuel filling stations will be developed that offer LNG and hydrogen in addition to CNG.

For example, we are actively involved in the formulation of technical regulations at the German level in DIN/DVGW, as well as at the European level in CEN and at the international level in ISO committees.

Through the exchange of information and opinions within the gas industry, with companies in gas transport and the automotive industry, the framework conditions for the use of methane and hydrogen as a fuel in Germany are to be improved.

The expansion of the use of methane and hydrogen as a fuel is particularly target-oriented under the aspects of environmental protection and CO2-neutral mobility.Targeted communication measures are intended to communicate this even more strongly to policymakers.