Work in new committee structure starts

This autumn figawa starts in its new committee structure. The first constituent meetings have already taken place.

Already in May 2021, the figawa general meeting had approved the new committee structure, which offers significantly more transparency and a very broad range of services for companies in the gas and water industry.

Hydrogen, Gas & Heating, Controls | Gas & Liquid fuels, Gas metering & infrastructure, Water infrastructure, Water treatment, Water metering & sensoring and Drinking water installation - these are the new sectors that comprehensively reflect the main topics of figawa's member companies.

In the subordinate working groups, the technical work on standardisation, regulation or other technical-scientific topics and issues takes place.

figawa now represents the gas and water value chain largely without gaps and its organisational structure is clearly focussed on specific topics.

In the coming weeks and months, the new sectors, working areas and the respective chairpersons from figawa will be introduced in detail.

Further detailed information on the sectors, working groups and coordination groups can be found at