Initiative launched to develop a database for materials in contact with drinking water

We are excited to announce the joint initiative of DVGW CERT, Kiwa and figawa to significantly reduce expenses for certification of products in contact with drinking water in the future. The aim of the initiative is to develop and operate a database as a platform for drinking water materials. The Raw Material Database is to contain information on drinking water hygienic suitability for international markets which can be used in the context of product certifications and should significantly reduce the required effort.  

The Raw Material Database users are product manufacturers as well as raw material producers who have to fulfill drinking water hygiene requirements. Additionally, it can also be beneficial for testing and certification bodies.
The Raw Material Database: 
✔ Shall significantly reduce time and costs  
✔ Is intended to create added value for the entire water supply chain 
✔ Shall reduce the complexity, lead times and risks of compliance and certification  
Find out, register and request for a demo of the Raw Material Database at

How does the database work? More in the animation video:

Drinking Water Approvals - YouTube