Changeover in the market: From L gas to H gas

The members of figawa are currently working intensively on the large infrastructure project for the German gas supply – the changeover in the market from L natural gas to H natural gas.

So far, L gas has been supplied from Dutch (mainly Groningen) and German production (Elbe-Weser and Weser-Ems areas). In both regions, production and thus imports of Dutch gas to Germany are declining. For imports from the Netherlands, this means a decline of 10% from 2020 onwards in relation to imports in 2019. Consumers in northern and western Germany who are currently still supplied with low-calorific L natural gas are affected. This corresponds to a share of around 25% of the German gas market.


Changeover to H-gas

The conversion to H natural gas started in May 2015 and affects a total of around 5 - 6 million gas appliances. These will gradually be adapted to use high-calorific H natural gas by 2030.
Due to the higher energy content of H natural gas, it is necessary to adapt appliances in domestic, commercial and industrial use. Approximately five to six million gas appliances with annual conversion rates of up to 500,000 gas appliances are affected.

figawa members certified in accordance with DVGW G 676-B1 "Certification of Conversion, Adaptation, Inspection and Project Management (Engineering Companies)" cooperate on the further standardisation of all process flows in the context of the market changeover via the figawa “Conversion, thermal process, maintenance” working group and make the necessary adjustments to the gas appliances.