Treatment agents

Working Group on treatment agents

Working group on treatment agents
The Working Group on Physico-chemical Water Treatment is the longest active working group of figawa, from which all other working groups on disinfection processes have been formed over the decades.

Originally the group' s field of work included the complete water treatment, but now it concentrates on the treatment agents, which are used as solids and partly as liquids. This includes all means for precipitation and flocculation and all filter materials. Realkalization products are also processed there. 

The working group mainly works on European standards for product standardization, in the user area also partly in the area of DVGW regulations. The materials listed in part b of the list of treatment agents and disinfection procedures in accordance with § 11 of the Drinking Water Ordinance are regularly discussed and updated by the working group, as are treatment agents used for swimming pool water treatment.


Technical officer - Water department
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Aharon Weiß, M.Sc.

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